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Tuesday, July 18 200th day - 166 days follow

the headlines - Both the 3rd and the 9th are converging to close up the gap - Hitler's speech was very sad, while Roosevelt's pep talk fell on the same barren ground.

Took in a football game at Florence, very good game and very impressive sight, to see nothing but the army as spectators --

Jan 3 - Today I am taking the Warrant officers exam, the physical; should be easy but I doubt if I'll be considered although I've been two years in Finance --

Jan 5 - Our holding action at this front is certainly slowed down to a walk - The 5th Army are now concentrating on reserve power and slowly and methodically building up strength for the take off about April.

France looks good and what is taking place is definitely a gamble which we can afford with our great Air Arm - Why those bridges across the Rhine weren't blown out beats me - A sucker play looks damned good but the Germans aren't that stupid to fall into the trap - another angle the German might want to make an impression of his military ability before he takes the count

Took another exam and passed with good grade. Remarkable for me at this time