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Wednesday, July 19 201st day - 165 days follow

Jan 6 - 8

Last night on this front, the Germans were shelling some strategetic [strategic] areas with Rocket guns - The artillery has been plenty heavy and naturally this can be very dangerous to us in the rear areas - We are covered on the North west by a mountain (4000 ft) but the south by west is opened for shells if the Germans decide to do it --

The negros failed to be fighters and it looks as if the 92nd division is to be broken up into Service troops. At least they tried and from what I've seen of them, they at least have humor and that is about all -

The Dies committee has been restored so perhaps our country might still remain a democracy.

The situation in France looks very funny. Is it a sucker play or did we fail to hold against the German offensive - Those bridges which let the German acrossed the Rhine are now being blown by our Air Force. Naturally the Germans knew this beforehand, so what is the answer -

Montgomery (British) is taken over the Northern flank, so the Americans naturally will get the lead - Bradley has moved over to the 3rd & 7th Armies front. The same counter-attacks are prevailing by the German - We could be holding them in a pocket until spring and then the coup de grâce, thus the war's end -