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Thursday, July 20 202nd day - 164 days follow

Got my application in for Warrant Officer, so we shall see what is in store for me - Knowing the army I am only knocking myself out -

Jan - 10- Look the body over to the board to pass on me whether I would be a Warrant Officer. They took a look at my educational requirements, that's all, I take the mental exam - Jan 24th - Then sweat the returns.

Jan 11 - I'm taking off for a few days in Florence and expect to have a good time

War is still going on and nothing new is developing. The tedeschi are cut off in Ardennes Forest and that will be chewed up in no time -

Jan 12 - 17 - Had one hell of a good time --- period.

Jan 18 - Russia announced a drive of within 30 miles of the German border - Taking Warsaw and Krackow in its fury -

Here in Italy the 936th FA [Field Artillery] has dug in a secondary defense in case of a break through - This leaves us right on first base in case of a counter- offensive. It is natural that if the Tedeschi retreat here, they will put up an offensive