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Friday, July 21 203rd day - 163 days follow

to cover a retreat - Thank God this is mountainous terrain -

Russian drive looks good good and some big things are about to happen -

The Limeys have started North of aacken [Aachen] 1000 per day and then a pot of tea -

Jan 21 - A moonlight night, and it is almost daylight - The Germans came over in force and dropped Anti-Per bombs about 1 mile from the C P. It happened while we were in the movie and everybody hit the floor.

I was sitting by Helen, the Red Cross girl and believe it or not she never batted an eye. Two of us, did the right thing and protected the lass. -

Funny my fear re-action never sets in until after the action is over. My old ticker gets up in my throat and starts pounding rapidly - The old drying of the throats starts -

Incidently the ack ack kept the bastard high and his accuracy was bad - How long is this danger going to last - about 11 oclock P.M. he should be back again -

The Russian drive is certainly roiting the Germans in a very hasty retreat - Selecia [ Silesia] has now being entered and they distance to Berlin is about 200 miles.