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Saturday, July 22 204th day - 162 days follow

Jan 22 - Took the written exam from the Warrant Officer and it was tough - If I had taken it when I got out of the Finance School I would have passed it hands down -

This (test) separated the men from the boys and I think I'm still a youth --

Roosevelt in for number four and here is hoping we still have a democracy after he gets through clowning around -- .

Jan 23 - This rumor I heard two days ago about the Tedeschi pulling out of Italy hasn't been confirmed However it dove tails with a broadcast that our 12th Air force flew 1200 sorties in Northern Italy and the Brenner Pass. Blasting bridges and equiptment in their wake -

This Russian drive sounds very good and most promising. The Germans are retreating and it all points to a strong line of defense somewhere after the Oder River - Stalin claims his army won't take rest or time for re-organization after the border in Germany is reached -

Distance as of to-day from Berlin - 150 miles - My opinion the finish in 6 weeks or late November 45