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Wednesday, August 2 215th day -- 151 days follow

Feb 27. In a letter from Marion, she tells me that John is getting set for an overseas shippment [shipment]. Here is hoping he gets a good deal.

Feb 28. Lex Whalan went home today on F. D. to the States. If he plays the game smart, he can check out of this army - anyway his crying did the trick --

Today's news is a temporary blackout due to the dis-organization of the German defenses. It is Simpson's 9th Army of Armor that is making the thrust. This jump off I hope can materialize beyond the Rhine and sow those bastards up for another generation at least -

The air bombardment is plenty rough. In fact they are definitely putting on the pressure.

Here in Italy Mt Belvedere is taken against many counter attacks by the Tedeschi [Italian: German]. So far it is ours and those attacks have fallen short.

The Rumor still persists that Kesselring is pulling out of Italy - In a way I hope it is true. We have done enough fighting for this time.

Feb 28 - At 9 30 P.M. We had a son of a bitch of an air- raid. It consisted of two bombs dropped about 700 yds