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and it is our intention to place especial emphasis on suffrage activities in the Southern State. For this purpose the S S W S C desires a press chairman in every Southern State. We should like short items sent to us weekly and any other clippings in the way of news or editorials (especially the latter) clipped from paper in your State"

We trust that you will co-operate with the Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference by complying with Mrs. Boyer's request. Please let me have news from your leagues for this bulletin which I hope to get out every month, in order to let the various leagues in the State know what the others are doing.

Mrs. Faith W. Morgan of Hampton reports that both the Hampton and Newport News Leagues are in good healthy condition, and gaining new members in spite of the hot weather.

The State Membership has been greatly increased by the suffrage work done in the Summer Schools. Literature has been widely distributed. Alice O Taylor, Secretary