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The Wichita Daily Beacon Henry J. Allen Wichita, Kansas August 22, 1927

Mrs. C. E. Townsend, 424 Mobray Arch, Norfolk, Va.

Dear Mrs. Townsend: Thank you for our cordial letter of the 20th instant. It's going to take a little time for me to check up my schedule and see if it would be possible to come to Norfolk sometime this fall. I would need to fit it in with some trip to Washington. I'll write you about the matter more definitely sometime in September. It will be a real pleasure to help you out in case I can find the time. I am writing to Charles Ridgeway today telling him of the pleasure I had in meeting you at Charlottesvlle. I know he'll appreciate my letter. Senator Ridgeway is one of the best hearted men I have ever met and during the four years of my incumbency at the governor's office at Topeka, he served as a member of the state senate from Kansas City, Kansas, making a very useful record. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your complimentary words about my address.

Yours sincerely, Henry J. Allen