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Called Mrs. Willcox & if she has not made a contribution she will do so.

The Lila Meade Valentine Memorial Association 3614-A Chamberlayne Ave. Richmond, Virginia February 1, 1929

Mrs. C. E. Townsend Norfolk, Virginia. My dear Mrs. Townsend: - At a meeting of the Valentine Memorial Association last year the Executive Committee was increased in number from seven to fifteen, and empowered to act for the Association upon certain details. It is the hope of the Association that you will accept membership on the Executive Committee. February the 4th being the anniversary of the birth of Lila Meade Valentine it seems most fitting to call a meeting of the Executive Committee for that date. I am therefore, asking the Committee to meet at 8 P.M., Monday, February the 4th at 416 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Miss Houston having offered her home for this meeting. A resume of the work of the Association will be made and plans formulated for bringing the work of placing the memorial in the Capitol Building to a prompt conclusion. I will appreciate it if you will let me know by postcard or phone whether you can be present.

Very sincerely yours, Adele Clark Miss Adele Clark, Chairman. Phone -- Boulevard 3531

[Footer Executive Committee -- Miss Adele Clark, Mrs. John H. Lewis, Miss Roberta Wellford, Mrs. Charles G. Bosher, Mrs. Beverly B. Munford, Mrs. Charles P. Lee, Mrs. William J. Judd Advisory Committee -- Dr. S. C. Mitchell, Mr. M. E. Marcuse, Mr. John S. Munce, Mr. Branch Johnson, Mr. Hill Montague, Mr. E. Lee Trinkle, Mr. B. F. Buchanan, Mr. G. Walter Mapp, Col. R. L. Brewer. ]