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To the Honorable the Speaker and Members of the General Assembly of the Comon Welth of Virginia

The petition of Noel Waddill Jnr. of the County of Pitsylvania Humbly Sheweth unto your Honourable Body that some time [---head?] in the Month of Jany Last a Certain Negro Man Named Peter Eloped from your Petitioner and a Bout the Eleventh Day of the same Month The said Slave Peter Was Comitted to the Jail of Halifax County under a Warent from John [Goldman or Coleman?], Gent. and soon after by some Cause unknown to your Petitioner the S. Jail of Halifax took fire and Consumed your Petitioner Slave in the Prison and your Petitioner being Poore and his Slave Committed by a Law of the Land Without the will or fault of yr Petitioner prays the General assembley May take his Case under theire serious Concideration and Grant him such Relief as they in theire Wisdom Shall think Right and in Duty bound Will Ever pray &c Noel Waddill