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POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE COMPANY 116-90907 OFFICE OF MANAGER Norfolk, VA. March 9-1921. Mrs. J. E. Townsend, 405 Citizens Bank Bldg. , Norfolk, VA. (Elizabeth [Park?]) Dear Madam: Concerning your complaint of non-delivery of your message dated November 12-1920,addressed Mrs. H. A. Ruhrman, 7626 North Marshfield Ave., Chicago, Ills. signed Mother. I have just received the result of the investigation which shows that the message failed in transmission between New York and Chicago, as there is no record of it being received in Chicago. This failure and the consequent annoyance caused you is regretted. In the circumstances I am returning to you the tolls and tax amounting to 55 cents. Stamps amtg 55c enclosed. Yours truly S R Albright