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Report of the State Executive Secretary To The Fourth Annual Convention Of The Equal Suffrage League Of Virginia Roanoke, November 7-8-9, 1914. Legislative Campaign Early in the Fall of 1913 plans were made for getting in touch with the legislature which was to convene in January 1914. Letters were sent out from Suffrage Headquarters to every branch league in the State asking them to co-operate in bringing the matter of woman suffrage before the minds of their representatives; rolls of petition blanks were sent the leagues with the request that they procure the signatures of those in favor of the submission of the question to the people to be presented to the legislators from such districts. The largest number of signers was procured by the Newport News League. It must be borne in mind that without these petitions the Chairman of the Legislative Committee can do nothing at the Capitol. With the aid of the branch leagues a three-months subscription to the Woman's Journal was sent to every member of the House and Senate, and at regular intervals the latest and most impressive suffrage literature was sent them by Headquarters. Requests were sent out from time to time from your Headquarters to branch leagues and to suffragists in communities where leagues had not been organized asking them to write personal letters to their representatives urging the passage of our resolution. In many instances we received their co-operation. During this period, Chief Justice Walter Clarke of North Carolina was invited to Richmond to speak on woman suffrage, and a large meeting was held in the Jefferson auditorium to which every member of the Legislature had been invited by personal letter. Shortly thereafter the hearing on the joint resolution was held before the Committee on the Privileges and Elections, of the House, from 4 to 6 in the afternoon and from 8 to 10 at night, with the following speakers: Mrs. John H. [Elizabeth Dabney Langhorne] Lewis, Mrs. Stephen [Ellie Withers] Putney, Mrs. Desha Breckinridge, Mr. Howard Colvin, Sec'y Virginia Federation of Labor, Rev. W. A. Cooper, Miss Lucy Mason, Miss