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Lily [Lillie] Barbour Assistant State Factory Inspector, Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett, Mrs. George C. [Edmonia Carter] Barksdale and Mrs. B.B. [Lila Meade] Valentine. The patrons of the joins resolution were Messrs. Hill Montague, Richmond, R. H. Willis, Roanoke, A. T. Lincoln, Marion, John W. Chalkley, Big Stone Gap. On March 11th, 1914, the vote was taken on the resolution in the House, and it was overwhelmingly defeated. [handwritten:] 13 ayes

Membership In The American National Woman Suffrage Association. Early in Fevruary, letters were sent to all of the branch leagues outlining to them the two methods of joining the National Association - as affiliated or auxiliary member. The majority of replies received favored auxiliary membership, and so the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia sent in its application to the National Association for suxiliary membership. This application was favorably acted upon. The fee for auxiliary membership is $100, and as the membership of our league reported at the last annual convention was 4000, the branch leagues were requested to send in to Headquarters their proportion of the $100 fee, which was 2 1/2 cents per member. This matter was overlooked by many of the leagues, and there was a deficit in the collection. This amount had to be made up from our State treasury which we really could not afford to do as funds were and are so badly needed by the State for State organization work, as out of 100 counties in this State, only 39 contain suffrage organizations. In some counties there are three or four leagues, all working for the complete organization of the county in which they are located.

Dues And Number Of Leagues The dues sent to the State Treasury by the branch leagues are used in maintaining State Headquarters in Richmond, paying expenses incident to the large amount of office work involved in keeping in touch with the branch leagues, doing the follow-up work necessary in connection with