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President (by acclamation) Mrs. Valentine 1st Vice President " Mrs. John H. Lewis 2nd " " "W.T. Yencey Bedford 3rd " "  :C.E.Townsend Norfolk adjourned for luncheon AFTERNOON SESSION Report of West Point League / Mrs. Clarke This ends the number of Branch Leagues reporting ot the Convention 25 Leagues having been heard from Recommendations of the Executive Committee were read q That this Committee Recommends that the League consider the Engagement of an organizer. 2 That a Congressional committee be formed, composed of a man and Chairmen for every Congressional District. 3. That the Virginia League, being a member of the Southern States "oman Suffrage Conference Does not Commit itself to any any extreme local policy. That this committeebelieve that work for Equal Suffrage shall be pressed in both State and Federal relations. The purpose is one, and the methods should be correlated. ELECTIONS RESUMED Recording Secretary Miss Roberta Wellford Treasurer Mrs. E.G. Kidd Auditor MrsHenry Aylett Sampson 4th VicePresident Mrs. Walter Adams (on motion of Mrs. Adams that Mrs Meredith be elected unanimously Carried. On motion of mrs [G] Harvey Clarke under suspension of rules that Mrs. Meredith be Honorare Vicepresident. Carried, On Motion of Mrs. Large that Mrs Clarkes withdrawal of her name as candidate for V.P. be accepted. Carried.)