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Register G 6


To The General Assembly of Virginia

We the undersigned citizens of Virginia, over twenty-one years of age, do hereby respectfully petition your Honorable Body to propose and submit to the qualified voters of reflection an amendment to the Constitution of Virginia, whereby women stall have the right of suffrage equal to that bestowed upon men.

Names Occupation Address Miss E J Winn 306 Lombardy City Mrs Stanley Burt South Richmond 1109 Barnbridy City Mrs E. G. Hill " Mrs John Hart City Mrs Thos. Leary " Miss Kate Green 11 E. Main Wytheville Mrs M. H. Jones City Mrs. E. R. Chresterman 1636 W Grace " Mrs R. M. Crawford 600 E. Grace Williamsburg. Miss Katherine [Purrs?] City Mrs N. W. Foster City Mrs H. G. Houston City Miss Christian City Mrs Wm P. Artemis City Mrs W. J. Maytee City Mrs Henry P. Taylor City Mrs Earnest Meade City Mrs Walter Hubard " Mrs Barksdale Lathoff " Mrs Pott Pigram "

Return to Equal Suffrage League, Richmond, Virginia, Commercial Building, Second St., between Broad and Grace.