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TIDEWATER, VIRGINIA Living conditions in Tidewater, Virginia are as nearly ideal as is possible to find anywhere in the United States. They make for the happiness and contentment of the whole family. The rigors and discomforts of the Northern and Western winters need not be feared by the wives and daughters and yet there is no period of acclimation to go through by Northern or Western people. This section of the State is especially healthy,--the water is good,-- while the people are noted as kindly and most hospitable. This Schools facilities are most excellent and Churches of all denominations abound. The Good Roads are now a fact instead of in prospect. The Climate is but one of Tidewater's many attractions. Its springs are ideal ;--the mid-day heat of the summer is tempered by the ever-prevailing breezes, insuring pleasant evenings and restful sleep. The "Indian Summers" of the Autumn are bracing and delightful--while the Winters are only cold enough to make one appreciative of the opportunity of living of this Tidewater Country. Specific information with regard to the various attractive features of Norfolk and Tidewater Virginia are obtainable at CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF NORFOLK, VIRGINIA

Ms Frank Jston & Mrs Sadie Barkclay FN new in committee Rep Mrs Browne Roanoke?


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH. Tea-Room, Monticello Hotel. 10.00 A.M.--Invocation--Rev. Myron Marshall. Primary for Nomination of Officers. 10.30 A.M.--Reports of Local Leagues--Limited to five minutes each. Discussion of proposed Constitution and By-Laws.

A.P. Montague Socialist Lynchburg Leta Williams

AFTERNOON. 2.30 P.M.--Discussion of Budget for Coming Year--How to Raise $5,000 pledged at the National Convention. 3.30 P.M.--Polls open for Election of Officers. Report of Resolutions Committee.

EVENING. 8.30 P.M.--Mass Meeting-- Ghent Club. Chairman, Mrs. John H. Lewis, First Vice-President. Speakers--Miss Mary Johnston, Miss Eudora Ramsay, Mrs. B. B. Valentine.

SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 11TH. 9.30 P.M.--Meeting of Executive Committee--Tea-Room, Monticello Hotel.