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3 MINUTES OF THE CONVENTION FRIDAY MORNING. The Convention was called to order by the President, Mrs Valentine at 10 o'clock. Invocation was given by the Rev. Myron Marshall The President called upon Mrs Richard Tucker for further Report of the Credentials Committee. 96 Delegates were reported registered. Reports from State Leagues were heard as follows.- Staunton. Lynchburg. Hampton. Henrico Co. Williamsburg. Richmond. Norfolk. Portsmouth. Farmville. Roanoke. Co. Roanoke. Newport News. Albemarle Co. And report of Miss Robinson, Member at large of the Hampton and Newports New Leagues. The President called upon Mrs Frank Washington, Norfolk, for report of follow up work /. Mrs Washing reported 7 girls in one store and 4 in another had announced themselves converted to suffrage at the Mass-meeting of the evening before. The Norfolk League reported 60 cards signed, and a collection of $67.i4 taken up. Which was turned over to the Norfolk league as decided by the Ex. Committee. Mrs Hubard, of the Credentials Committee rose to announce 98 delegates registered. Polls were declared open for the primary elections. The President called Mrs J.H. Lewis to the platform. Mrs Lewis spoke on the reorganization of the Virginia League, and called for volunteers for County Chairmen. Mrs Faith Morgan volunteered for Warwick Co. Miss Fanny Wolcott volunteered for Elizabeth City Co. On motion of Mrs Lewis duly seconded voted that "Leagues call together county Conventions for the Election of County Chairmen"

The President spoke on the Woman(s Journal and urged every suffragist to subscribe. Mrs W.P Adkins of Richmond Ch. Womans Journal of Subscriptions made through her 70 cents goes to the Journal and 30 cents to the State. She also recommended the Headquarters News Letter of the N.A.W.S.A. Subscription 25 cents the year. In view of the fact that the Virginia Delegation to the National Democratic Convention at St Louis voted solidly for the Woman suffrage plank in the Party platform, Mrs Otey, Lynchburg moved, duly seconded, and it was voted the following Resolution.- "Be it resolved that this Convention memorialize the Delegates of the State of Virginia to the National Democratic, Republican, Prohibition, and Socialist Conventions to co-operate with the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia in securing the franchise for the women of Virginia according to the planks of their respective platforms." On motion of Mrs Lewis duly seconded it was voted "that this convention apppoint a committee of representative women of those parties to call on the V