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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. President, Mrs. B. B. Valentine, 2338 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va.

Hon. Vice-Presidents. Mrs. Louise Collier Willcox, Norfolk, Va. Miss Ellen Glasgow, Richmond, Va. Mrs. Kate Langley Bosher, Richmond, Va. Mrs. Kate Waller Barret, Alexandria, Va.

Vice-Presidents. Miss Mary Johnston, Richmond, Va. Mrs. J. H. Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. Mrs. W. J. Adams, Norfolk, Va. Mrs. C. V. Meredith, Richmond, Va. Mrs. Stephen Putney, Wytheville, Va.

Mrs. G. M. Smithdeal, Recording Secretary. Mrs. Alice O. Taylor, Headquarters Secretary Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Treasurer. Mrs. John S. Munce, Auditor, of Richmond, Va.

State Headquarters, Richmond, Va. Commercial Building, Second Street Between Broad and Grace. Jan. 1915

Our last board meeting was held on November 8th. Since that time 91 letters for the City have been mailed out and 134 for the State. 2063 postal cards for the city and 22 for the State. 84 packages of literature and 53 press notices. During the month of December the office was not kept open regularly, but volunteer workers did good work, and were on hand many days out of the month. The first of January, our office assistant was regularly installed, and the work has been going steadily on.

On the postal cards notifying our members of the annual election, our president also wrote in a request for financial aid to which some slight response was made.

The National has made upon us its call for dues to be sent in not later than February 20th, to the amount of $150.00. Our president has dictated a letter to the branch leagues notifying them to this effect, and bespeaking their co-operation. This letter has been mailed out, but it is rather soon as yet to look for responses.

The Thursday meetings have been well attended, and I take pleasure in reporting an increase of 55 new members since my last report making a total of 1659.

It has been suggested that Richmond send a letter to all of our members outlining the work for the year, emphasizing the need for funds, and enclosing a slip calling for a pledge of 25cts. per month to the City. It has also been suggested that the enclosure of a paste-board case to hold the coin might be suggestive to the recipient. It seems to me that it would be well to mail a petition blank out to all members, and if the above suggestion is approved by the board, the letter, slip and petition blank could all go under one stamp.

Respectfully submitted, Alice O Taylor Executive Secretary