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have recently spoken to the Ashland students at a meeting arranged by Miss Leftwich of Henry Clay Inn, and Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Smithey of the College faculty. You have heard that a most enthusiastic reception was accorded suffrage speakers on this occasion.

I have written our representatives in Congress during the past week. These representatives are Wm. A. Jones, Edward E. Holland, John Lamb, R. Turnbulll, E. W. Saunders, Carter Glass, James Hay, Charles C. Carlin, C. Bascom Slemp and Henry D. Flood.

In answer to a request conveyed in letters from me concerning the attendance of these Virginia Congressmen at a hearing before a United States Congressional Committee, on behalf of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, I have received answers, favorable in the main, noticeably unfavorable on the part of Carter Glass of Lynchburg, and R. Turnbull of Brunswick.

I have had a recent letter from Mrs Annie S. Ware of Culpeper. She has won over to the suffrage cause Mr. Wampler, editor of the Culpeper Enterprise, and is supplying him with suffrage notes for his paper each week. She writes me that she hopes to have a hundred members in the Culpeper League before Easter.

I have sent literature to Miss Sally Trueheart Williams who is forming a suffrage league in Galveston, Texas, and is anxious to model the constitution of the Galveston League after our own.

In an endeavor to create suffrage interest in new localities throughout Virginia, I have written, among others, to Mrs. Nannie Doherty, of King George County. She told that the author of one of the strongest and best letters in advocacy of suffrage appearing in the Times-Dispatch not long ago, was by her son-in-law Thomas Lomax Hunter. Members of the Equal Suffrage League of Richmond, I ask that you authorize me to thank Mr. Hunter in your name for that letter. It deserves all the thanks we can express.

Mrs. J. J. Lincoln, of Wakefield, Va., has sent the following lists of names of persons to whom I have written and sent literature:

Rev. W. W. Staley, Rev. and Mrs. H. H. Butler, Rev. and Mrs I. W. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Hollnad, Miss Nannie Holland, Hon. E. E.