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At the request of Charles E. Holmes, 515 Lewis St, this city, I will go to Fulton early next week, or put myself in communication with citizens there desirous of having a suffrage meeting in their midst. Mr Holmes is very anxious to hear suffrage speakers in Fulton and has suggested Nelson Hall as a desirable place for the meeting to be held.

Dr. Mastin has given me the name of a Bowling Green suffragist who will, he thinks, help in the matter of getting a suffrage hearing at Bowling Green, the county seat of Caroline County. Mrs Harvey Clarke has suggested a most suitable name, that of Mr. Morgan, Editor of the Northern Neck News, published at Warsaw, Va., also that of Miss Florence Ward of Warsaw, and Mr. and Mrs R. L. Harrison, of Fulton Hill, Dr. Mastin's travel through the State during the summer will enable him to dispense suffrage literature which will be supplied him from this office.

In addition to outside work, there remains the routine work of the office, the writing of press notices, of postals for meetings and the many routine details that have to be looked after each day.

I desire to call the attention of members to the fact that the Federation of Labor Journal, edited by H. T. Colvin, is out. It contains an article, "Woman and Democracy", by Grace Vernon in which League members have an interest. It's Woman's Department has a report from the suffrage legislative campaign, and comment on Governor Woodrow Wilson's recent speech in Richmond. It contains an announcement of the endorsement received by the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia at the annual convention of the Va. Branch of the Farmers' Union in Lynchburg.

I desire to call your attention to the fat that I have sent out during the last few days, as instructed by the chairman of the finance committee, an order to National Headquarters for additional suffrage literature, the demands at this office requiring it, and the work of Miss Leahy among the societies of various churches rendering it necessary to the effectiveness of what she hopes to accomplish, and that the work of filling the League Scrap book with clippings from Richmond and State papers will be begun this week and