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In compliance with their requests, I have mailed out packages of literature to the following people:

To members of the Legislature: 140 cards bearing suffrage data.

Mrs. R. M. Adams Red Oak Grove, Va. Mr. W. W. Foster,, Highland Park Mr. Lucius Cary Richmond Mr. Fred Waithall Lafayette Mrs. Sallie E. Vincile Swords Creek Mr. J. Dabney Hardy Chase City, Va. Miss Fannie Porter Saxe, Va. Mr. Wallace Lawrence Chase City, Va. Mrs. W. J. Stricler, Burkeville, Va. Mrs. Boyd Stephenson Monterey, Va. Mrs. R. M. Adams, Red Oak (a second supply) Miss M M Fletcher Lexington, Va. Mr. George Fagan, Wallace, Va.


100 copies Where Women Vote 25 " Arguments & Results 24 " Hone & State 2000 Flyers JUST THINK 100 copies Do You KNow 50 " Arguments & Results 300 " Bible & Women Voting 45 " Objections Answered 144 " Hon. E. T. Taylor, Equal Suffrage in Colorado, which being a part of the Congressional Record was sent us free of charge.

During the time the secretary was absent from the office on account of sickness, Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke advertised the Thursday meeting of January 8th. This meeting was more largely attended than any Thursday afternoon meeting held during my connection with the League. I would recommend to the Board that the League print Mrs. Clarke's Thursday Programme for wide distribution. During this period of absence on my part, our President handled all the details of the office.