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NOTICE OF CLASSIFICATION NOTE: Appeal from a classification by a Local Board of Board of Appeal must be made within five days from the date of this notice at the office of the Local Board.

BE ALERT Keep in touch with your Local Board Notify it of any change of address Notify it of any fact which might change your classification Failure to notify the Board of these facts within five days of the happening thereof is an Act punishable by fine and imprisonment.

The person named herein whose Order No. is 1591 Has been re-classified by Local Board [box with check mark] Board of Appeals [box] in Class 1-B until [blank] (Date) [Denton J Matherly?] Member of Local Board. October 22, 1941. (Date) Notify your employer of this classification

This card may be cut on dotted line for convenience in carrying.

D.S.S. Form 57