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Serial No. 1163 Local Board Local Board of the County of Accomac, State of Virginia (Insert designation by stamp as directed in Sec. 3 of Regulations.) Address: Accomac, Va. FORM NO. 103, PREPARED BY THE PROVOST MARSHAL GENERAL. NOTICE OF CALL AND TO APPEAR FOR PHYSICAL EXAMINATION. To William Carlton Groton (Name.) Hallwood, Va. (Address on registration card.) You are hereby notified that pursuant to the act of Congress approved May 18, 1917, you are called for military service of the United States by this Local Board from among those persons whose registration cards are within the jurisdiction of this Local Board. Your Serial Number is 1163, and your Order Number is 741 You will report at the office of this Local Board for physical examination on the 28 (Day.) day of August (Month.), 1917 (Year.), at 9 o'clock A.M. Any claim for exemption or discharge must be made on forms which may be procured at the office of this Local Board, and must be filed at the office of this Local Board on or before the SEVENTH day after the date of mailing this notice.* Your attention is called to the penalties for violation or evasion of the Selective Service law, approved May 18, 1917, and of the Rules and Regulations made pursuant thereto, which penalties are printed on the back hereof. LOCAL BOARD Local Board of the County of Accomac State of Virginia By B. T. Melson Chairman. John D. Grant Jr Clerk. *Date of mailing notice, 22 (Day.) of August (Month.), 1917 (Year.) c3--4474