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The other day the Sgt. Major complimented me on having so fine a record and told me I was eligible for the good conduct Ribbon and medal which of course is given after the war.

Again, I say I'm sorry for causing you any unnecessary worrying on my behalf. However, after looking those pictures over that you sent, I can see where Mom & yourself have had a lot of worrying for almost 23 years.

I hope you have better luck on finding a suitable Grill in the near future. My mind is definitely made up to the fact that I will not return to the railroad.

You asked me how I liked Chinks, well the answer is "I despite them immensely." The truth is they're worst than Japs and that's straight. They're filthy, crooks and have got as much honor and sense as a baboon. This is another place I don't want to return to.

We just got word next week we go down to the [airport?] again and the week after a 55 miles problem I thought the war was over. The worst part is sleeping on the ground and boy, it's really cold here. They'll wake up when someone freezes to death and say that