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Order of Induction into Military Service of the Unit[ed States] THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIITED STATES] TO Louis C. Pakieser (Christian name). {Surname.) Order Number 606 Serial Number 300 Greeting: Having submitted yourself to a local board composed of your neighbors for the purpose of determining the place and time in which you can best serve the United States in the present emergency, you are hereby notified that you have now been selected for immediate military service. You will, therefore, report to the local board named below at 7621 S. Perry Ave, (Place of Reporting.) at 1 P.m., (Hour of reporting.) on the 31st day of March, 1918. for military duty. From and after the day and hour just named you will be a . . . [illegible] in the military service of the United States. Chas. A. Spetz Member of Local Board for Div 76 Report to Local Board for Division 76 Chicago Illinois Date MAR 25 1918 FORM 1028, P.M.G.O. (See Sec. 157. S.S.R.)