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NAVPERS 601 (12-43) [Seal: Department of the Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel] Department of the Navy - Bureau of Naval Personnel U.S. Naval Training Center Bainbridge, Maryland 12 August 1944 Issued this date One Honorable Discharge Button

Certificate of Discharge D.S.Harding, Lt., Civil Readjustment Under Honorable Conditions United States Naval Service This is to certify that Stanley (none) Woodson 936 67 17 (Service number) Steward's Mate Second Class SV6 (Rating --do not abbreviate), United States (Navy, Naval Reserve has this day been discharged from U.S. Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland and the U.S. Naval Service, under honorable conditions. Dated this 12th day of August, 1944, at Bainbridge, Maryland Character of discharge good. If you desire to continue your National Service Life Insurance, forward the amount of the premium within 31 days from date of last payment. All remittances and inquiries should be mailed to Veterans Administration, (Insurance Division). Washington, D.C. Be sure to give your Full Name, Policy and Service numbers. U.S.N.T.C. Bainbridge, Maryland H Markell commander U.S.N. R. Commanding Personnel Officer 16-29882-4