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Fasten. here) (Fasten - here.) Voucher No. [blank] W. D. DABNEY, Major Q.M. Corps. (Name of quartermaster.) Paid July 16 1919 Orig Final PAY ROLL OF Ca. H." 807th Pio [Pioneer] Inf. (Organization) (Regiment) Camp Lee VA. (Station.) For month of July 1st to July 16th 1919. Pay of Army, 1920 $1611.25 Pay of Army, 191 [blank] $ [blank] [Item?] 66 $198.80 Pay of [blank] , 191[blank] $ [blank] Amount: 1810.05 Collections: {Quartermaster's, $ [blank] {Post Exchange, $ [blank] {Post Laundry $ [blank] Paid in cash, $1810.05 TOTAL, $1810.05 THIS ROLL NOT TO BE FOLDED.