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WRITE VERY CLEARLY WITHIN THE LINES. IN ORDER TO EXPEDITE CENSORSHIP, LETTERS SHOULD BE TYPED OR PRINTED IN BLOCK CAPITALS. Dear Bunny:-Spring came in with a bang today. The breeze must have come right off the Gulf Stream, for the temperature was up in the 80's. I really hated to go back in from lunch for out in Washington Sq. on which our office building faces, the people were out sitting on the benches for the first time since since last fall. And over in Independence Square, which is just a block diagonally away it seemed to be about full of office girls out feeding the squirrels. That is the park that is just behind historic Independence Hall with the Liberty Bell. When you come back that's one of the Philadelphia sights we must make you acquainted with. The weather makes me feel that I would rather be out in the garden again for I fairly itch for some heavy physical labor after this winter of indoors confinement. But the job is not completed yet. David tells of the warm moist climate [several words apparently blacked out by censor] I don't think I would like that; the monotony would be too trying. Even if the winter has been severe, we can always look forward with pleasure to the spring that is sure to come sometime, with the grass green again, and the robins back in the trees and the daffodils shoving through the ground. Just so you too, Bunny, can look forward to the day when there will be a real spring for you once more,--a revival of life and all that it means after a long and tough winter. We haven't heard from Ruth for a couple of weeks, perhpas she thought Dorothy had brought back enough news to last us for a while. Dorothy said that Mary is now keeping her ever since they moved into Casey Jones apartmenthouse. CONTINUE ON TOP PANEL OVERLEAF. U. S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1944 16-39042-1