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[CUT] oro News-[CUT] The only daily newspaper in the great Eastside VA Waynesboro, Virginia, Saturday, June 2, 1945

[Photo of an enlisted man and a woman seated on a sofa. She holds a young girl in her lap. He appears to have a 45th Infantry Division shoulder patch] [CUT] CONFER [CUT] Pfc. Bernard L. Keiser Home After being German Prisoner in 8 Camps; Food Was Rough

Local man tells of Christmas cake baking contest; he won second price; tooth powder was in ingredient by Laura Majewski At 4 a. m. yesterday morning there was a terrific banging on the door of Mrs. B. L. Keiser's apartment at the Casey Jones Apartment house on West Jefferson Highway. When she finally awakened and hurriedly opened the door - well, there's no point in trying to describe the scene which took place when Mrs. Keiser greeted her recently released German prisoner husband Pfc. Keiser, but the picture above will give a fair idea of how happy the Keisers and their two-year-old daughter, Mary Evans are to be together again. Although Mary Evans was only 9 months months old when her father saw her last, and she was just a little timid about making friends with him again at the bright hour of 4 a.m., just 12 hours later they were fast buddies, and the two-year old was eagerly showering her daddy all the toys she had collected since he left the States in March 1944.

Since he saw action overseas and before his capture by German troops on September 11, 1944, while on reconnaisance patrol, Pfc. Keiser collected three battle stars on his European Theatre campaign ribbon: for action on the Anzio Beachhead, invasion of Southern France, and battle of Germany.

In Eight Camps After his capture last fall, he was transferred from prison camp to prison camp until about six months ago he reached his eighth camp, Stalag 7-A, where he remained for the rest of his internment.

Menu for the day? Breakfast consisted of a cup of so-called coffee, which Pfc. Keiser succinctly and definitely called "terrible