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[Ribbon, presumably from uniform cap] H.M.S. Raleigh [studio photo of a British naval rating, hat band marked H.M.S. Raleigh] December 1940

[enameled pin. the center is a pentagon with a flat side facing upwards. This is surmounted by feathers? In the center is a stag with possibly a globe between the antlers. In the top bar of the pentagon is "Raleigh" and below the pentagon is a ribbon bearing H.M.S Raleigh]

H.M.S. Raleigh. December 4th 1940 - February 11th 1941. H.M.S. Drake February 11th 1941 - April 11th 1941

[printed clipping] No news has been received from Walter Skelton Since he joined the Navy, so he has probably been put in irons for mutiny. For the good name of the Royal Navy it is to be hoped that he will not be posted to the same ship as Miroy-- what a ship with Miroy, steering from the lower deck and Skelton getting a good leg drive in the engine room!

We understand that Miroy has discovered that Frank Victor is not the only one in the " Harry " family who can express himself forcibly and without repetition, and that such verbal chastisement comes easier from a rowing coach that from a Commander R.N.

Poly. Mag. June 1941

[Ribbon, presumably from uniform cap] H.M.S. Drake