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[Ribbon, presumably from uniform cap] PRINCE OF WALES

H M S PRINCE OF WALES July 17th 1941 to November 17th 1941 [one or two photos missing]

POLY. MAG. July 1941 We were very pleased to see George Leverton at the Club recently. Our oldest member, George still keeps very fit and is intensely interested in all that the Club is doing. Ken Smith and brother Dick have been down, and both are enjoying the war so far. The Navy seems to be quite liberal with leave as Stan Hart, Crawley and Miroy have again paid us a visit.

Crawley is now Sub.-Lieut. RNVR and received our hearty congratualations. He joined the Navy on the outbreak of war and has seen a good deal of service at sea, so that his promotion is well merited. Crawley and Miroy were at the Club on the same Saturday, and in the evening a small party got together and proceeded to Richmond, but a little difficulty arose as Crawley insisted that the niceties of naval etiquette must be observed and he could not be seen about with an O/S! Milroy is hoping to obtain his commission shortly and will then have his revenge.

[photograph of a naval rating, bareheaded, sitting on what may be a capstan. Behind are the A and B turrets]

[photograph, presumably of Prince of Wales, at anchor]