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[photograph of a sailor wearing a steel helmet and life preserver. To his left is an antiaircraft mount. The photo appears to have been taken at dusk] Multiple Pom-Pom Poly Mag. Sept. 1941 Quite an amount of correspondence has been going on lately with various members in the Forces, and some are certainly having unusual experiences. Miroy, who is on the Prince of Wales, has sent a most interesting description of the trip to America and back with the Prime Minister on board; after reading about this expedition in the newspaper, Miroy's more intimate account gains added interest. Miroy has certainly been lucky in being posted to such a ship as the Prince of Wales, and will doubtless write a book on his experiences after the War, May his luck continue. Yardley writes from the Ark Royal that he is quite enjoying life in the Feet Air Arm and in having an interesting time on another of our finest ships. He says that in spite of Dr. Goebbels's claims to have sunk this ship many times, she has not even been sunk once, and is still very much afloat. Yardley appears a trifle disappointed that there are no "Wrens" aboard, and I gather he misses his

[photograph of a bi-plane be lifted with caption Walrus Aircraft being hoisted aboard]

[photograph of a sailor with H M S on his hat ribbon]