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[photograph of a mixed group of USN and RN sailors. Behind are two warships] "Somewehre in the Atlantic," on Sunday, sailors of the US Cruiser "Augusta" -- seen in the bacground - attend divine service o H.M.S. "Prince of Wales."

[photograph of 8 officers] L to R l. Air Chief Marshal Freeman 2 3 Admiral H R Stark 4. Admiral Sir Dudley Pound 5. Admiral Ernest King 6 General Marshall 7 General Sir John Sill 8. [blank]

PRESIDENT AND PREMIER IN THEIR EPOCH-MAKING MEETING The photographs on these two pages, taken on H M battleship, "Prince of Wales," record the visit of President Roosevelt on Sunday, August 10, after Mr. Churchill had, on the previous day, first met him and conferred on the U S cruiser "Augusta." in some bay of the Atlantic with a background of mist-capped mountains. The weather was foggy and wet, with high seas, but they had no ill-effect on the indomitable spirits of the two leaders of world democracy. There was occasional bright sunshine, fortunately, during Divine

Divine Service on the "Prince of Wales on Sunday August 10, where British and American Tars, Intermingled, covered by the Great 14-inch Guns. [photograph of worship service on board ship. In the front row, seated, are Churchill and Roosevelt. Behind them is a large group of civilians and officers.]

[photograph of sailors and men on deck of a ship]