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6 "THE MOST REMOTE STATES." Letters have been received from the most remote States in India, all marked by deep sincerity of desire to render some assistance, however humble, to the British Government in its hour of need.

LOYALTY "BEYOND THE BORDERS." Last, but not least, from beyond the borders of India have been received generous offers of assistance from the Nepal Durbar; the military resources of the State have been placed at the disposal of the British Government, and the Prime Minister has offered a sum of 3 lakhs of rupees (£20,000) to the Viceroy for the purchase of machine guns or field equipment for British Gurkha Regiments proceeding overseas, in addition to large donations from his private purse to the Prince of Wales's Fund and the Imperial Indian Relief Fund. To the 4th Gurkha Rifles, of which the Prime Minster is honorary Colonel, the Prime Minister has offered 30,000 rupees (£2,000) for the purchase of machine guns in the event of their going on service.

TROOPS AND PRAYERS FROM TIBET. The Dalai Lama of Tibet has offered 1,000 Tibetan troops for service under the British Government. His Holiness also states that Lamas innumerable throughout length and breadth of Tibet are offering prayers for success of British Army and for happiness of souls of all victims of war.

MESSAGES OF LOYALTY. The same spirit has prevailed throughout British India. Hundreds of telegrams and letters received by Viceroy expressing loyalty and desire to serve Government either in the field or by co-operation in India. Many hundreds also received by local administrations. They come from communities and associations religious, political and social, of all classes and creeds, also from individuals offering their resources or asking for opportunity to prove loyalty by personal service. Following may be mentioned as typical examples :-- The All India Moslem League, the Bengal Presidency Moslem League, the Moslem Association of Rangoon, the Trustees of the Aligarb College, the Behar