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Provincial Moslem League, the Central National Mahomedan Association of Calcutta, the Khoja Community and other followers of Aga Khan, the Punjab Moslem League, Mahomedans of Eastern Bengal, Citizens of Calcutta, Madras, Rangoon, and many other cities, Behar Landholders' Association, Madras Provincial Congress Taluqdars of Oudh, Punjab Chiefs' Association, United Provinces Provincial Congress, Hindus of the Punjab Chief Khalsa Diwan representing orthodox Sikhs, Bohra Community of Bombay, Parsee Community of Bombay.

Delhi Medical Association offer field hospital that was sent to Turkey during Balkan War; Bengalee students offer enthusiastic services for an ambulance corps, and there were many other offers of medical aid; Zemindars of Madras have offered 500 horses, and among other practical steps taken to assist Government may be noted the holding of meetings to allay panic, keep down prices and maintain public confidence and credit. Generous contributions have poured in from all quarters to Imperial Indian Relief Fund. In addition, it should be mentioned that similar offers have reached the Secretary of State from Chiefs who happen to be at present in Europe. The Gaekwar of Baroda and the Maharaja of Bharalpur to mention two only, have placed the whole resources of their States at the disposal of His Majesty's Government. The Indian Community in England, including the India students, have made loyal offers of service. We are one and all proud of this magnificent demonstration of the loyalty with which the Princes and Peoples of India have identified themselves with the cause of the Empire.

THE MORAL OF IT ALL. Why is it that from every corner of the empire offers of men, money and supplies have poured in? Because all the peoples and races over whom the Union Jack flies know that the fight for British freedom against German aggression is "a just cause" to be prosecuted to "a successful end." This may well be the last Great War for many a long day--if Great Britain and her allies win. There is no half-way house. We must be completely victorious or utterly defeated.