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This Indenture made this third day of August in the year of the of the Commonwealth the Thirtieth Between Betsy Scott (a woman of Color) of the County of Louisa of the one part and Thomas Chisholme (Planter) of the same county of the other part Witnesseth that the sd. Betsey Scott among others children hath a female child which was seven years old the fifteenth day of June Last past (and Being in Very Low Circumstances) doth wish to bind my child Out to be maintained clothed and to Serve Until the 15th day of June One Thousand Eight Hundred and Nineteen, at which time my said Daughter to be fully and absolutely free & to be fully clothed in Good Warm Clothes & Mr. Thomas Chisholm above mentioned being Willing to Take my said Daughter by name Eliza Ross Scott for the above Time That is Until the Fifteen day of June 1819 I do by these Presents Resign all Power and Control as the Mother of Said girl Eliza Ross Scott to said Chisholme to be Dealt by as a Servant or Apprentice Until the Term above 15th day of June 1819 And the Thomas Chisholme on his Part Obliges himself his Heirs & to be attentive in Teaching or Causing to be Taught my sd. Daughter Such Business as is Common for Woman of her Description to Do Such as Spinning, Weaving, [illegible] work & etc as Witness Our hands and Seals the day and Date above Written

Betsey Scott X her Mark {Seal} Thomas Chisholme {Seal] Teste David Hambleton Thos. Hardner Wm. L. Thompson