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administrators and their and every of their successors for the time being, and to and with the said Micaijah Jenkins, that the said Luther Smith shall the said Micaijah Jenkins in the business of house work, or such other useful occupation as may be beneficial to the said apprentice and convenient to the forth which the said [blank] now useth after the best manner that he can or may teach, instruct, and inform, or cause to be taught, instructed and informed, as much as thereunto belongeth or in any wise appertaineth, and that the said Luther Smith shall also find and allow unto the said apprentice sufficient meat, drink, apparel, washing, lodging, and all other things needful or meet for an Apprentice, during the term aforesaid: and will moreover pay to the said Micaijah Jenkins the sum of twelve dollars, at the expiration of the said term. In witness whereof, the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals. Luther Smith (Seal) Wm Stein (Seal) John Schoolfield (Seal)