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To the General Assembly of Virginia, We the undersigned Citizens of Stafford and Prince William Counties being well acquainted with Daniel Hughes who was the slave of Presley Jewell & emancipated by him take pleasure in representing to your honourable body that the sd Daniel Hughes is a man of remarkably good character. That his conduct for many years past has been marked not only with usefulness to his master whom he has served to between 40 and 50 years of age with unusual fidelity in the different employments of labourer & confidential agent, but to our neighborhood We find we do not hesitate to say that independent of the claim which his general good character & conduct give him to residence in the state we should view his removal as a loss to our neighborhood & therefore recommend him as a fit person for exemption from the operations of the general law requiring his removal from the commonwelth. The undersigned tender you the [assurance] of their highest respects. John Alexander of Stafford Fielding Jewell P Wm Thompson Lynn P Wm John Stone P Wm Thomas Nelson P Wm Robert Alexander P Wm James H. Reid P. Wm W. C Murphy Do. John Burroughs Stafford John G. Rubleman P. Wm. Rich'd W. Weedon P. Wm Sanford Cooper P. Wm. Fledgman murphey Do. Joseph Stark Stafford Hiram D. Davies P. Wm. William Cleary P. William William Cockrell P. W. James B. C. Thurston P. W. James Dowell P. W. Silas Carney