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Report-4 Five dozen "Votes for Women" balloons, as many "Tango Twirlers", besides flags, were effective in making us a conspicuous feature of the Fair; as did also the large yellow sashes which we wore. From one to four women were at the booth all the time; and the work was incessant, as large crowds from all over the Peninsula were constantly passing. We were greatly assisted by Miss Clarke of Richmond, who spoke for us three times; and worked for us every minute on November 11th. That day broke all records for the number of petition signers. Mrs. Charles E. Townsend and Mrs. Walter J. Adams, of Norfolk, assisted us splendidly the preceding day, by speaking to small groups, all over the Fair, and by generally helping in every way possible. I regret to say that although Miss Clarke was supposed to be on the Official Program of the Fair, it was with the greatest difficulty that any spot - not to mention a suitable one - could be found for her to speak. Nevertheless it was a great success; and must have added almost five hundred names to our petition. The membership of the Newport News League Is now three hundred and thirty-three. The names on our petition from the Peninsula, which includes Phoebus and Old Point, and which are secured by members of the Newport News and Hampton Leagues together, is 1700-

Faith W. Morgan Chairman