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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Name Address 1. Mrs. Springer 608 W. Grace 2. Mrs. W. W. Dodd 524 W. Grace 3. Mrs. S. H. [Burt?] 524 W. Grace 4. Sallie C. Williams 524 W Grace 5. Mrs. Paul [Weigl?] 520 W. Grace 6. Mrs. S. B. Adkins 518 N. Grace St. 7. Mrs. A. T. Miller 516 W. Grace 8. Louisa T. Miller 516 W. Grace 9. Alta Foster 512 W. Grace 10. Mrs. W. S. Adkisson Clover Va 11. Mrs. [S.?] T. [Moseby?] Jr. Chesterfield 12. Mrs. L. P. Seay 420 W. Grace St 13 Mrs. A. W. Foyle 420 W Grace St 14. Mrs. [Toby?] Rhea 418 W. Grace St 15. Mrs. Margaret [Afford?] 410 West Grace St 16. Mary W. Scott 2236 Monument Ave. 17. Hazel Bright 408 W. Grace St 18. Mrs. C. [Wollsuffer?] 3001 W Cary 19. Helen T. Herrink R. F. D. #2 20. Mrs. R. C. Harris 317 W. Grace St. 21. Margaret B. Noland 315 W. Grace St. 22. Mrs. M. L. Fitchett 301 N. Grace St. 23. Mrs. L. C. Tanner 211 W. Grace St. 24. Margaret H. Noble 205 W. Grace St. 25. Mrs. M. C. Thornton 203 W. Grace St. I hereby certify that these signatures are genuine. Name Mrs. Pope Nash Address Westhampton When filled and signed, please return this list to Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Headquarters, 100 North Fourth Street Richmond, Virginia. (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)