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Members Equal Suffrage League of Richmond EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Women NAME Copy ADDRESS 1 Mrs. E. M. Gwathmey 101 W. 12th St. 2 Katherine Gwathmey 101 W. 12th St. 3 Mrs. W. W. Giffen 6-W. 31st St 4 Mrs. Ann Garland 5 Alma Claire Gaines 707 E. Leigh St. 6 Mary Somerville Gammon 1110 Capitol St. 7 Mrs. F. D. Gordon 509 E. Franklin 8 Mrs. W. B. Gray 101 E. Franklin 9 Miss Bessie J. Gill 1019 McDonough 10 Miss Louise Gwathmey 101 W. 12th St. 11 Annie Gogan 108 N. 9th St. 12 Mrs. W. H. Gillette 511 W. 32nd St 13 Mrs. M. Goldstein 411 N. 4th St. 14 Miss Maria Gerdie 15 Miss S. L. Gordon 107 E. Grace St. 16 Miss Mattie Gentry 623 N. 7th St. 17 Mrs. H. V. Govite 809 W. 20th St. 18 Edythe Garthright 613 N. 10th St. 19 Mrs. R. C. Gregory 1019 Porter St. 20 Mrs. G. B. Gregory 1019 Porter St. 21 Miss E. Cleve Gary 1105 Perry St. 22 Mrs. G. W. Holt 1322 Porter St. 23 Mrs. M. S. Hewitt 41st St. Forest Hill 24 Mrs. D. L. Harrell 7-A S. 1st St. 25 Mr. B. A. Hancock 42nd St. Forest Hill I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THESE SIGNATURES ARE GENUINE Name Address WHEN FILLED AND SIGNED, PLEASE RETURN THIS LIST TO EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA HEADQUARTERS, 100 NORTH FOURTH STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)