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[lined out] M 2941 W. Miss Cally Ryland, 837 W. Grace [lined out] B 1566 W Staff Mrs. Carter Wormeley, 1834 W. Grace M 2428 J Mrs. Imogen Brock, 1601 W. Franklin From 10 to 1 & 3 to 6 Mrs Brock cannot canvass- M 3222 Mrs. E. H. Meanley "The Shenandoah" 11 to 1 [lined out] M 5958 Mrs. W. W. Foster, 1616 1st Ave., Highland Park [lined out] M 5958 Mrs. A. W. Orpin, 1616 1st Ave. " " M 5367 Mrs. Branch Morgan, 1538 Park Ave. Has been asked to run her car M 5367 Miss Ruth Morgan, 1538 Park Ave. B 1233 Miss Marie Curtis, 1824 W. Grace Cannot work B 715 Mrs. James J. Pollard, 2314 Monument 9 to 12 A.M. [lined out] Mrs. C. P. Cadot, Ginter Park [lined out] Mrs. M. J. Fulton, Ginter Park M 2164 W Miss Louise Cadot, Ginter Park 10 to 12 M 4510 Mrs. Ben Crump, "The Chesterfield" 10 to 12. M 7485 Mrs. Horace Wallford Jones, 20 W. Franklin out of town M 6590 J Mrs. W. P. Adkins, 1630 Park Ave. 3 to 7 P.M M 5340 Mrs. C. R. Saunders, 1508 Park Ave. 9 to 11 B 1233 Mrs. Katherine Rostrop, 1824 W. Grace 9 to 10 Will work with Mrs Jobson [lined out] Miss Adele Clark 714 [Chamberlayne Ave Ginter Park?] [in pencil on right margin] These people have agreed to work. Please ask them how many hours & what time between 9 and 7 they will canvass in 1st Precinct of Lee Ward. Write down what they say.