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KNOW YOUR LEAGUE PROGRAM LESSON V Department of Public Welfare in Government Living Costs 1. Is the Virginia League of Women Voters actively supporting at this time any legislative measure to reduce the living cost of the State? No. 2. What subjects are on its program of study which affect living costs? The most effective utilization of the electric resources of the State from the standpoint of public welfare. Conservation of the sea-food of the State, especially the Report of the Commission on Conservation. 3. Why should women be concerned with the effective utilization of electric resources? 4. How would electricity at reasonable rates aid the city woman? 5. How would electricity at reasonable rates aid the woman on the farm? 6. When you see high voltage transmission lines stretching across the country what hope do they offer for farm life? 7. Helpful explanations: a. Electricity may be generated in two ways: (1) Hydro-electric plants can make electric current wherever a continuous stream of falling water can be had. Examples: Niagara Falls, Balcony Falls, Va., the Municipal plant at Richmond. (2) Steam plants can make electric current if amply supplied with coal and cold water. Examples: Va. Electric & Power at Richmond; Rives Av. Station at Norfolk; Plant at Alexandria. b. Super-power means combining the two methods of generation so that a steady stream of electricity may be delivered to consumers when the heaviest demand is made. Engineers call super-power "Interconnection of distributed systems." Electric power cannot be stored. If not used as soon as made it is wasted. Examples: Appalachian Electric Power Co., Va. Public Service Co., Va. Electric Power Co. c. A Kilowatt Hour (k.w.h.) is current enough to light a 25 watt lamp for forty hours. d. A public utility is a service which is recognized as a public necessity, such as transportation, communication, lighting, power, water, etc. e. A holding company is a corporation that owns enough stock of several operating companies to control the policies of the operating companies. Examples: Stone & Webster of Boston, controls Va. Elec.& Power; Nat. Pub. Ser.; Amer. Gas & Elec. of N.Y. controls Appalachian. f. Examples of independent companies privately owned in Virginia are: Eastern Shore Public Service Co. of Va., Valley Light & Power Co., Woodstock Electric & Power Co., Madison Power Co. 8. Is your community served with electricity? a. By a public (State or municipal) power plant? b. by a private company, independently owned? c. By a company that is a part of a super-power system? d. Is the plant located in your city? Outside it? Outside the state? Where?