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KNOW YOUR LEAGUE PROGRAM LESSON VII Department of Public Welfare in Government Social Hygiene 1. Is the Virginia League of Woman Voters supporting any legislative measure relating to Social

   Hygiene at this time?  Nothing except adequate appropriations for that division of the  State 
   Department of Health carrying on the Social Hygiene program.

2. What items relating to Social Hygiene is on the study program of the Virginia League of Women

    Voters? The relation of sex education by governmental agencies to public health and to the 
    prevention of delinquency.

3. Social Hygiene really means community health. It is that part of the health program concerned

   with sex education and the control of venereal diseases.

4. What three steps are necessary in a social hygiene program? (1) Education, (2) legislation and

   law enforcement, (2) medical treatment.

5. What is meant by education in social hygiene? 6. How may such an educational program be carried out? 7. Where may literature, lecturers, and information be obtained? 8. What should a course in social hygiene include? 9. Who should take social hygiene courses? 10 What are the principal laws that pertain to social hygiene? Anti-Prostitution law, the

     Injunction and Abatement law, and the Ouster law.

11. Explain each/ 12. Does Virginia have such laws? 13. Is there a law in Virginia regulating marriage of the unfit? 14. Who are deemed to marry by this law?