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LESSON VIII - Page 2 Women in Industry - Continued 13. Why are they employing women--because women can do the work better than men, or because they may be employed more cheaply?

14. Is there a minimum wage for women in industry in Virginia? Since 1912 there have been about 17 states adopting a minimum wage but in many cases the law has been declared unconstitutional either by the State Court or the Supreme Court of the U.S.

15. Why do women in industry need protection? Because___

16. Are there any strictly women's labor unions in Virginia? If so, Where?

17. How does the League believe that protection for women may best be given? _By passing specific measures for women, removing discriminations where they oppress, and giving protection where necessary._

18. What are the purposes of the Women's Trade Union League?

19. Why does the League of Women Voters believe that the Women's and Children's Division of the State Deportment of Labor and Industry should have adequate appropriations? _Adequate appropriations would mean better law enforcement through the addition of inspectors; more statistics and information on which to base future necessary legislation; better protection to the women who are the mothers of the race; and by the adoption of such a preventive program would reduce the amount of institutional and individual care which the State now has to give to women and children._

20.What appropriation did the division receive last year? $_____

21. What are the immediate needs of the division? _Another inspector and more traveling expenses, which would call for an additional appropriation of at least $3,500._

22 In view of the rapid industrial development of Virginia what are some of the remedial measures necessary?

23. How is the industrial development of Virginia affecting women on the farm?

24. What items are on the Women in Industry Program of the National League of Women Voters? (See Program of National League).

Suggestions for study: Program of Study and Support of Va. League of Women Voters, 1929-1930. Shorter Day for Women Workers, by Lucy Mason, Pub. by Va. League of W.V. Last report of Dept. of Labor & Industry, especially report of Division of Women and Children. Address by J.H. Hall, Jr., entitled "Industrial Virginia". Last report of Women's Bureau, U.S. Dept of Labor Standards for Employment of Women in Industry,issued by Women's Bureau of the U.S. Dept. of Labor. Program of Nat. League of W.V.; also Explanation of Women in Industry Program of the National League of Women Voters.