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tive control under such officers as the county engineer, auditor or clerk.

b. Constitutional change to permit counties to select by popular vote the form of their government from complete forms of organization to be provided by the General Assembly

4. 1930 Legislature provided for continuing commission to draft optional forms of county government, and to study costs and inform the citizens of conditions.

5. 1931 a uniform system of accounting was installed in the counties. State audit of county accounts and records.

C. Report of the Commission on County Government to the General Assembly of Virginia, December, 1931.

1. Pointed out that: a. The chief weaknesses and defects of county government in Virginia "are attributable mainly to the form of organization through which the counties are endeavoring to function."

b. "The governmental machine has broken under the burden of the new demands" for a "higher standard of community life."

c. County government as now constituted in Virginia is complicated, over-elaborate, unduly expensive, and largely.removed from popular control.

d. There is no central authority in the county, little or no unifying financial control, no head of the county government.

e. There are definite weaknesses in the administration of county finances, organization and procedure in highway construction and maintenance, conduct of the public schools, promotion of public health and welfare, and the administration of justice.

2. Recommended changes based on the following well-established principles: a. "Distinguish clearly between policy determination and policy execution and let the people elect a small policy-forming body with general supervision and control over all the affairs of the county.

b. "Let the policy-forming body appoint an executive agent -- a full time officer or an officer serving at the same time as a department head -- to carry out the policies of the board, to supervise personnel and to install land enforce adequate business procedure throughout all the divisions of the county government; in other words, to coordinate the activities of the county and act as the administrative head of the government.

c. "Consolidate the county functions into a few major departments, organize these departments internally, and man them with a competent personnel.

d. "Coordinate the activities of the county with those of the State by providing for cooperation between the county and the State in the appointment and direction of officers engaged in performing joint services.

e. "Provide for the establishment of administrative areas through the cooperation of adjacent counties and for such consolidation of smaller counties as is not forbidden by traditional or historic reasons."

3. Made proposals along the following lines: a. A county executive form, which is sufficiently flexible to