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12 Woman And Democracy

could certainly tell. I should not myself anticipate any immediate entrance of the millennium. I should, however, expect many improvements in our social and political life, and I am somewhat confirmed in this opinion by the character of the opposition. Where the experiment had been made the result has been unfavorable, and in any case the dire results often predicted have not been realized. Of course one can get unfavorable reports by picking his witnesses, but this would be true of the millennium itself. We may also expect great advantage to women themselves from the possession of the suffrage, not merely in securing more consideration of their just claims from lawmakers, but also in producing a more thoughtful type of woman. Already from their larger intellectual life women are more interesting and socially valuable than they ever were before. And the larger social interest arising from larger possibility and responsibility could not fail to result in larger and more effective life. The origin of the subjection of woman as before explained explains the nature of much of the opposition to equal suffrage. It was something undreamed of among savages and barbarians and was unheard of even among ourselves one hundred years ago. Accordingly, if we should call the roll of opponents, we should find among them about all savages, enemies of society, of the family and of good government, rumsellers, drunkards, constitutional stand-patters and weak-minded men in general. These make up a large part of the "glorious company" of those opposed to equal suffrage. It by no means follows that all opponents are of this sort, but it is beyond any question that the vast mass of persons of this sort are among the opponents. Finally, we must not suppose that if the question is purely a matter of theory, as if equal suffrage were nowhere an accomplished fact. To-day women have full suffrage in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Kansas, Denmark, Iceland and several European cities. They have school suffrage in half the States of the Union and tax suffrage in several States. In the last half-century there has been more advance in the educational, industrial, and property rights of women than in the whole history of the world up to that time And the political rights are fast coming.