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(left side) Privileges of State Members 1. Subscription to "The Woman Voter of Virginia." Published quarterly, carrying political news and information on state and national affairs. 2. Regular notices and reminders of election dates, return and payment of taxes, non-partisan information on candidates. 3. An opportunity to work intelligently for public welfare-with emphasis on the welfare of women and children-efficient government, and international co-operation. 4. Membership in a nation-wide organization, which devotes itself exclusively to the education of the voter through its meetings on special subjects and candidates, citizenship schools and round tables-always non-partisan and informative. 5. Ten State members in a community may at any time organize a local league. In communities where local leagues are organized State members automatically are enrolled in the local rather than directly in the State League.

(right side) Virginia League of Women Voters Please enroll me as a State member of your organization, with the privileges described in this invitation. I understand when I join the League that I am requested to read all the information sent me, that I will register, and vote when reasonably possible; I understand that the League is an unpartisan organization for education in government and that I am encouraged to join and work in the party of my choice, and vote for my own education. One dollar is enclosed for membership dues for the ensuing year.

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Return to: Headquarters, Virginia League of Women Voters, 405 Grace Securities Building Richmond, Virginia