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Under the direction of the Field Director, Miss Roberta Wellford, co-operating with Miss Pidgeon, Director of Citizenship Education, and with educational institutions and agencies throughout the State, the University of Virginia, William and Mary College, State Teachers Associations, etc., etc., special schools of citizenship lasting several days or a week are offered. Communities desiring such courses are urged to apply promptly to the Headquarters of the Virginia League of Women Voters, 100 N. 4th Street, Richmond, in order to secure dates. Legislative Program. The League of Women Voters will initiate and support improved legislation in the nation and the State laying emphasis on humanitarian measures. Improved legislation can be included generally under the following headings: Social Welfare Education General Laws Under Social Welfare will be considered such questions as Adequate Mothers Pensions; Child Welfare; Protection of Maternity and Infancy; Protection of young girls and boys; Adequate Woman's department of the State Bureau of Labor; Moving Picture Censorship; Institutional Care of the Feeble Minded; Juvenile Court System; Women's Police Bureau for Cities. Under Educational Legislation may be listed, Improvement of School System of Virginia; Accomplishment of the purposes of the Educational Amendments recently enacted by vote of the people; Development of Existing Educational Agencies and Institutions; Co-operation with Federal Educational Agencies. Under General Laws may be considered; Laws respecting the status of women; Equal Guardianship of Children; Equitable Inheritance laws; Just Civil Service laws; Laws affecting elections and methods of holding them; Laws affecting food supply and demand. From this general outline will be selected such measures as it is found practical to support immediately. The League of Women Voters has appointed the following standing committees to carry out its purposes: Citizenship Education; Legislation; Finance; Women in Industry; Child Welfare; Food Supply and Demand; Social Hygiene; Civil Status of Women; American Citizenship; Election Laws and Methods; Research and Data. Officers (bottom left column) Honorary Chariman Mrs. B. B. Valentine, Richmond, VA. Honorary Vice-Chairman Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, VA. Chairman Miss Adele Clark, Richmond, VA. Vice-Chairmen Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond VA. Miss Lucinda Lee Terry, Roanoke, VA. Miss Elizabeth V. Gaines, Saxe, VA.

(bottom right column) Recording Secretary Mrs. John T. Lewis, Clarkesville, VA. Treasurer Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Richmond, VA. Auditor Miss Nellie Leigh Steward, Petersburg, VA. Field Director Miss Roberta Wellford, University, VA. Executive and Press Secretary Mrs. Edith Clark Dowles, Richmond, VA.

Headquarters, 100 North 4th Street