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Slate for Friday Nov 21-1913 Reimburse Jones for Blackboard Miss Duvall put new by-law Mr. Braly's lecture- every member pledge themselves to bring a member Announce committees. Motion Jones be given vote of thanks for manually conducting election Motion to pay expenses of election= $1.50 + .25 + .40 = 2.15 New legislative to talk before League done Permanent headquarters School of Suffrage} Blackboard Appoint chairman committees. See printer about paper & put before Ex board done Policy for coming year-work to do-towards? Mrs Stone read article on suffrage Pledge $25 Nat. convention get authority from body to See traveling school of Suffrage at Wash. What this League stands for-not votes for only women-the [morat?] industrial. Have sec. take names of those taking petitions & call roll at next meeting National Constitution read. Ask Lynnhaven for Headquarters-one woman a day to be custodian A Parliamentarian Mrs Cooper money for Legislator Woman's Journal